An inspiring journey into the world of nature – Cersaie 2023

An inspiring journey into the world of nature – Cersaie 2023

One of a kind atmosphere, exciting meetings, amazing special guests and, above all, two exhilarating premieres of the new collections from Cerrad and Cerrad x La Mania Home brands – to quickly sum up the 5 days spent at this year’s 40th edition of Cersaie in Bologna.

The 40th edition of the International Trade Fair of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna – Cersaie, is behind us. This year, from the 25th to the 29th of September, those who visited the fair could see products that set new trends when it comes to surface finishes, bathroom furnishings,  planning and designing of spaces.  They could also meet numerous exhibitors from 26 countries and come face to face with architects, designers, contractors and retailers from all over the world. It was also an excellent opportunity to learn about the current trends, new directions the manufacturers are heading, modern production technologies and what steps various companies are taking to be more pro-environment. For years, the fair in Bologna has been a perfect arena for companies to not only present products, but to also introduce innovative solutions and to present their brand’s DNA, philosophy and business approach (CRS). The Cerrad brand could not miss being amongst the 600 exhibitors.

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Cersaie 2023 Cerrad showcase area

The showcase area in itself attracted the attention of many visitors. The over 400m2 exhibition area with the adjoining facilities was designed to accentuate all the advantages of the collections for their debut at the fair – in symbiosis with nature, focused on building a harmonious relationship between us and the natural world. Hence a premiere of collections comprised of neutral colors with minimal patterns expressed on large-format tiles covering entire walls, creating a feeling of natural ambiance with an almost intimate mood. The exhibition, apart from the common areas, was divided into separate zones displaying the new tile collections from Cerrad. The Cerrad x La Mania Home collections were also given their own section, with the heart of the exhibition arranged as a fabulous kitchen designed with ceramic tiles. In short, this was the setting for the official premieres of both collections, which were also accompanied by very special events created especially for the guests.

 „Create Experiences with Cerrad x La Mania Home”

September 26th marked the premiere of the latest Cerrad x La Mania Home collections from a new concept titled HARMONY which, just as before, was created in collaboration with Joanna Przetakiewicz – who of course was personally there at the event and who is ambassador to the project. At the fair, this fashion icon, entrepreneur, businesswoman, founder of La Mania Fashion, discussed the collections with journalist Katarzyna Jaroszyńska.  The guests could listen to the inspiring conversation during which, we were taken on a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her collaboration with the Cerrad brand and during which she talked about what inspires her on a daily basis and how 5 of the latest collections from the Harmony concept came to fruition. The visitors could also learn that the previous collections from the Cerrad x La Mania project, which were full of strong and vivid colors, reflected the Ambassador’s favorite travel destinations, and how in these latest collection, she has decided to return home and to nature, bringing back the focus on our harmony with the natural world that surrounds us.

– The new collections are a palette that will allow you to create your own, peaceful space where you just feel good – noted the Ambassador.

Next, the JAM Kolektyw appeared on the stage – a visionary duo that started an agency that combines design and creativity. On a daily basis, Jola Skóra and Anna Olga Chmielewska design private and commercial interiors, in which they combine natural materials and earthy colors to bring out their beauty. In their work and in their design process they often use materialboards, which they prepared for the visitors in real time using the Cerrad x La Mania Home collections. The day was enhanced by delicious refreshments served in a very pleasant atmosphere accompanied by live music performed by Tamara Bleher and Jacek Brzeszczyński.

„Create Experiences with Cerrad”

On September 27th, Cerrad premiered its latest collections of tiles that too, are inspired by nature. Thus, the showcase area became a grand exhibition stage for 23 of the latest Cerrad collections, which were designed in accordance with the latest trends and which saw the light of day for the first time at the fair in Bologna. They are a tribute to nature and the enormous diversity it has to offer. Stone, marble, wood, cement/concrete, travertine – these are just some of the inspirations reflected in the tiles.  No matter which you choose, each one of them will allow you to introduce a note of elegance combined with the power of nature into your home space. Motifs taken directly from the natural world will add a unique atmosphere and a timeless charm to any interior. A wide assortment of surface finishes: matte, satin, polished, nano-matt and a variety of formats: from tiles measuring 60 x 60 cm to 120 x 280 cm with thicknesses of 6 to 12 mm, make it easy to find a collection that’s perfect for you, no matter what your individual needs may be. The suggestions and notes we gathered from our guests and customers at the fair will help us decide which of the collections will appear in the Cerrad catalog offer.

It’s worth mentioning that the special guest that day was prof. Jan Sikora from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and founder of the Sikora Wnętrza studio, which has received numerous international awards. In his lecture entitled „Designing experience“ the architect, known for his charisma, discussed the history of various surfaces in fine arts and architecture, while highlighting their current role in interiors. He also referred to the function of nature in interior design, emphasizing the idea of ​​sustainable design practices and the role that Cerrad plays in promoting a pro-ecological approach to the entire process of design. Once again, the day included delicious refreshments and live music. This time, the music was provided by Grzech Piotrowski & Band. All activities were conducted in an excellent atmosphere conducive to building positive relationships.