Red Dot – the most important award amongst designers

Red Dot – the most important award amongst designers

Red Dot Award, the most important award in the world of design, has been awarded to Cerrad. The Ceppo Nuovo collection from the Cerrad x La Mania Home project received the prestigious “red dot” in the Product Design category.

The Red Dot Design Award, often called the “Design Oscars”, is the largest and most renowned global industrial design competition, which dates back to 1955. Every year, the RED DOT award in the Product Design category is presented to the best of the best, for their outstanding designs and exceptional product quality.

This year, the competition’s international jury, awarded this prestigious title to the Ceppo Nuovo collection, recognizing the original design and high quality of the brand’s latest collection.
We are extremely proud of winning this special award in one of the largest and most important design competitions in the world – says Paweł Smolarek, Chief Product Officer at Cerrad. – This award is the result of the team’s hard work and it’s a recognition of our design capabilities adds Smolarek.

– I would like to extend our thanks to the Red Dot Award Committee for this distinction that is very important to our company. I see this as recognition of what we have been striving for during the many years of the continued development of the company, and with our investments in the newest available technologies and infrastructure, thanks to which, we can offer our clients innovative products on a global scale. I consider the award a joint success for the Cerrad and La Mania Home teamssays Paweł Bąk, Chief Executive Officer at Cerrad.

This “Design Oscar” for Ceppo Nuovo is also recognition for the creativity of the manufacturer that produced this collection in collaboration with the La Mania Home brand and Joanna Przetakiewicz – businesswoman, creative director and founder of the La Mania fashion house.

– We’re proud that the Red Dot jury appreciated our joint projectsays Aleksander Przetakiewicz, Chief Executive Officer at La Mania and La Mania Home, who initiated the collaboration between the brands, and who adds that the award is proof of the importance that joint ventures can have.

– I am very pleased that the award was presented to a collection inspired by Milan, and one that superbly reflects the elegance of the Italian stone. Ceppo Nuovo combines the beauty of the surrounding world, travel, fashion and design in the process of establishing new interior trends. I hope it will awaken emotions and inspire everyone to create new and unique interior designs – says Joanna Przetakiewicz, Ambassador for the Cerrad x La Mania Home project.

Ceppo Nuovo – native to Italy’s capital of fashion

Sun in zenith, the aroma of coffee wafting through the air, atmosphere teeming with art, fashion and design. Full of class and elegance, but not without energy and temperament. Echoes of history are felt everywhere, a history that becomes the captivating backdrop for modernity. Full of contrasts, and because of it coherent, chill at times, but bathed in the warm southern rays – this Italian capital of beauty – Milan manages to amaze and awe at every step. It was this beauty that inspired the creation of the Ceppo Nuovo – a collection that meticulously reflects the beauty of Italian bedrock. Four stunning colors, an assortment of formats, one excellence – today, you too can feel like an artist. Design, create, strut on it as if you were on a catwalk and invite into your home a touch of the Milan style. Non c’e di che!

The Ceppo Nuovo collection is available in three colors: silver, graphite and black, several formats and two surface finishes: polished and matt. Among the formats – 6 mm thick slabs measuring 120 x 180 cm.

– For production, we used technology that is characterized by greater depth. The stones, which are part of the graphic design, give the impression of being deeply sunken under a sheet of glass. The gray shades have pleasant, warm tones that work in any interior and with any kind of lighting. We used color enhancing technology to create the matt surface, the effects of which are these unusually exquisite tiles, the originality of which was recognized by the competition’s jurycomments Sebastian Stanek, Innovation and Technology Director at Cerrad.

These award receiving tiles from the Ceppo Nuovo collection are now on sale.

 – We have started their distribution. The latest collections will soon be available at most of our distributors all over Polandsays Tomasz Glegoła, Marketing Director at Cerrad, and adds that the joint project with the La Mania Home brand offers many new opportunities. This is Cerrad’s first such venture and the manufacturer is planning many interesting happenings that will accompany the launching of the new product line.